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With Artificial Intelligence Trading


Firstly About Us


SOFTTRADEAI is an Artificial Intelligence Asset Management Company that uses the advance AI software tools to trade in Forex market to generate income for our investors.

We are using deep learning techniques to train large neural networks to recognise patterns in data. Unstructured data learning from social media posts and news articles can provide unparalleled insight for developing trading strategies and profitable returns on investment.

Our Software can use large amounts of historic information when analyzing trading data in real-time, providing us with better insights into the market and helping us shape our trading strategy according to the current market’s volatility.

Our Investment Managers, with the help Of our AI software, analyze the forex markets, and generate profitable and adaptive trading portfolios/strategies.

About company

Perspectives: Artificial intelligence

AI is necessary for profitable trading because data is growing exponentially, and there is no way for a human mind to process the enormous amount of data and understand the Rapidly Changing Market Dynamics. AI-powered trading bots like crypto bank app can significantly help users in conducting the trade automatically with a high win rate.

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Perspectives of the artificial intelligence sphere

According to Accenture’s Technology Vision 2017, AI has the potential to double annual economic growth rates by 2035. To avoid missing out on this opportunity, policy makers and business leaders must prepare for, and work toward, a future with artificial intelligence. They must do so not with the idea that AI is simply another productivity enhancer. Rather, they must see AI as the tool that can transform our thinking about how growth is created.

We Should Prepare the next generation for the AI futurehe future?

AI can replicate labour activities at much greater scale and speed, and to even perform some tasks beyond the capabilities of humans. Not to mention that in some areas it has the ability to learn faster than humans, if not yet as deeply. For example, by using virtual assistants, 1,000 legal documents can be reviewed in a matter of days instead of taking three people six months to complete.

  1. Predicting outcomes. Another advantage of AI is that it is able to predict outcomes based on data analysis. For example, it sees patterns in customer data that can show whether the products currently on sale are likely to sell and in what volumes. It will also predict when the demand will tail off.;
  2. Operational automation. AI is able to accomplish complicated assignments much faster than human beings can do, saving a lot of time and speeding up processes that otherwise would take very long. In a way, Artificial Intelligence brings the future closer to us.;
  3. No Emotional Barriers. AI algorithms do not present emotional barriers, that sometimes can obstruct the success of humans’ plans. Machines get to stick to the scheme and keep working towards the defined goal in the way they have been programmed to do, without being affected by external factors. This, sometimes cannot be said for human beings as, often, unexpected events can affect our mood, feelings and, eventually, our way of working..

Artificial Intelligence can work without breaks, unlike human beings can do. For this reasons, it can be used to substitute us for processes that it’s better not to stop, or can simply do the job in a more continuous way that humans would do.


investment our plans for investment

You Can Withdraw 50% Of Your Investment Anytime You Want

  • 2%
    • duration35 Business Days
    • deposit Return50%
    • Total ROI120%
    • Daily Profit: -
    • Total Return: -
  • 4%
    • duration35 Business Days
    • deposit Return50%
    • Total ROI190%
    • Daily Profit: -
    • Total Return: -
  • 3%
    • duration35 Business Days
    • deposit Return50%
    • Total ROI155%
    • Daily Profit: -
    • Total Return: -

partnership our plans for partners:

  • 1st level7%
  • 2nd level2%
  • 3rd level2%
  • 4th level1%

Our goal is to work permanently and build a widespread global network. We offer an excellent opportunity to earn extra income by just inviting other members to your team as partners.

Why should you become a SOFTRADEAI partner?

  1. We pay INSTANT commissions to our partners.
  2. You Can recommend our service only once, and you can receive commissions every time your referral makes a deposit.
  3. Our affiliate program gives you an opportunity to earn extra income
  4. The Referral Program for the first level is 7%, for 2nd Level is 2%, 3rd Level is also 2% and for 4th level it is 1%.
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